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Ayurveda teaches us that our health is dependent on a myriad of past and present factors and as a result there is no "one size fits all" approach in healing. 

In this introductory call we'll dive more into what make you, YOU, at this moment. As I learn about you, you'll in turn learn about what I can offer you in terms of diet and lifestyle support. 

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1:1 Ayurvedic Health Coaching

Because prevention is  better than a cure 

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perfect if you...

Experience gas, bloat, nausea, or acid reflux regularly. This isn't "normal", but fortunately Ayurveda can help! 

Looking to better understand your body and how you can optimize and maintain your health for better sleep, more energy and stable moods.  

Are ready to rid yourself from the shackles of the pharmaceutical industry and take control over your own health. 

Want to better understand how you can utilize seasonal routines, Ayurvedic clocks and body types to find your perfect routine. 

Ayurvedic health coaching is aimed at addressing the root causes of illness before they ever manifest into disease. I work 1on1 with clients for 3-6 months to help you better understand your Ayurvedic constitution (dosha) and how to keep that in balance through diet and lifestyle techniques. Everybody is unique, so through working with me you'll receive a personalized diet and lifestyle plan as well as regular support and accountability to help you achieve optimal health and well being. 

Initial sessions are 90-120mins. Follow up sessions last 45-60mins. 

Seasonal Ayurvedic Cleanse

Some of the best cleanses don't require expensive powders and shakes. By focusing on whole, seasonal foods we can effectively detox our body to help you experience better digestion, sounder sleeps, improved immunity, decreased seasonal allergies, glowing skin and more! 

In my 10 day Ayurvedic community cleanse you'll receive a guide book a no-think approach with daily instructions, shopping lists and recipes you can refer to all year long, two group coaching calls, private daily support via our facebook group. 

Investment: $99

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4/12/2021 -4/22/2021
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Want to deepen your practice? Private sessions available via zoom or outdoor (and masked) in LA. 

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