October 28, 2022

You’ve probably heard the words vata, pitta, and kapha being thrown around in the wellness world. But what the heck does it all mean? mean?! The concept of ayurvedic doshas refer to your unique mind-body type. The doshas are a tool to help us understand ourselves better. Understanding your dosha will guide you in the types of foods and […]

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February 20, 2021

Abhya-what?  Chances are if you’ve ever worked with an Ayurvedic coach or practitioner you have heard the word “abhyanga” being thrown around. Abhyanga is the traditional ayurvedic practice of self oil massage. Ayurveda repeatedly reminds us of the importance of self care and abhyanga is one of the most luxurious self care practices there it. […]


March 25, 2019

and musings on coffee…. Full disclosure: I used to be totally addicted to coffee. At night, as I doze off to sleep, I still often think about that delicious cup of dark roast that I will savor the next morning. There are conflicting studies on the benefits or detriments of coffee. I’m rooting for the […]

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