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Dandy Blend Latte

Iced Cardamom Dandy Blend Latte

  • Author: Lillian Jacobs


Cool off with this iced coffee alternative using dandy blend and cardamom.



2 cups water 

1 tsp ground cardamom powder 

1/4 tsp coconut palm sugar (or more for sweeter palates) 

splash of full fat coconut milk, oat mylk or nut mylk of choice (I love it with this one)

1 tbsp dandy blend

Ice as needed


Add the water, dandy blend, cardamom, and coconut sugar to a tall glass. Using a frother blend until combined (alternatively pulse a few times in a blender). Add the nut milk and ice. Stir and enjoy! 


This recipe was adapted from a hot cardamom dandy recipe in Kate O’Donnell’s Everyday Ayurveda for a Calm Clear Mind. 

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